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Lunar Fairy: Moon Circlet

I feel like every fairy should have a cute headpiece.  I’d only made a circlet one other time, a very simple leaf circlet for my first photoshoot as a Greek goddess, when I first got into cosplay.  Jewelry making isn’t something that I’ve done a lot of, I have a lot to learn.  When I started on this project in 2015, I spent hours and hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and different headpieces so that I could figure out what kind of style I was going for.  It was kind of overwhelming, because there is a LOT!!  The only thing I was sure of, was that I wanted a crescent moon to be on my forehead.  After starting to get some ideas, I then spent hours on ebay, and I ordered a bunch of stuff that I thought was pretty, and I’d figure out what I wanted to do once it got here.  When I picked this project back up last year, I went ham on buying beads and pearls and rhinestones, and other odds and ends.

I found that once I really got started, I was able to envision as I went along, what I wanted.  And I’m really proud of the end result.  I finished it up yesterday, and I seriously can’t wait to wear this beauty!


The full circlet, finished!

This was honestly a lot of fun to make, and I’m SO happy with the result.  Let’s get close-up and I’ll talk a little bit about the details.


The large filigrees were square-shaped when I first got them.  All of the filigrees are the same, but I modified them.  The metal was thin enough to cut, so i took wire cutters and cut all of the corners off of 4 of the filigrees, and then left two of the corners on the one I wanted to use for the center (pictured above).  I ordered some cameo settings and glued on the rhinestones.  The small rhinestones are Swaorvski Elements, and the large ones came from a site called Jan’s Jewels.  I had ordered some other stones from ebay, but they were taking a while, and I started to worry that they’d gotten lost, so I ordered these.  The other rhinestones finally showed up not long after I got the ones from Jan’s, so I compared them to see which ones I wanted to end up using.  I went with the ones from Jan’s as I felt they had more of the look I wanted coupled with the Swarovskis.  Then I glued the cameos to the filigrees.

The crescent moon at the front of the circlet also has Swarovskis glued to it.


The wig in these photos is also the one that I bought to wear for this costume.  I’m currently trying to figure out how I’ll end up styling it, and I’ll talk about it in a future post. 😀  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time! ❤


Chocolate Amaretto Valentine’s Day Makeup & Too Faced Chocolate Bar Spotlight

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a little bit late.  We went out last night for a sweet date night.  I did a simple makeup look using my  Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  I had been intending to do a fun Valentine’s Day themed look, but I never got around to it.  Even though it’s past the holiday, I might still do one in my next post, just for funsies. 🙂  Anyway, I’m going to kind of give my two cents on this palette as well, since I wanted to make it my goal to talk about all of the stuff I have.

This is the first palette from Too Faced that I ever purchased. was having a new member coupon offer where you could get $20 off of your purchase as a first time customer, so I jumped all over that.  This palette is love, for reals.  I know everyone on earth has seen or owns this palette, but humor me while I go through the motions. 🙂  Here are the swatches:


My favorite colors in this palette are honestly…  Every single one of the metallic shades, hahaha.  All of them are super pigmented, but I did notice that the glittery shade Candied Violet has a lot of fallout.  I try to be super careful and tap my brush whenever I use this one.  Champagne Truffle is a favorite of mine for highlighting my inner corner..  I used it in the makeup look I did for my date.  My least favorite shade in the palette is Strawberry Bon Bon, which is the lone pink in the palette.  I love the look of this pink SO MUCH, but the color payoff is honestly just incredibly disappointing.  As usual, it could be the formula of the shade, or that I have brown skin and it doesn’t show up as well, but the few times I’ve tried to use this shade just haven’t done anything for me.

Now, let’s get on to my makeup.  Like I said, it was very simple, because I came up with it on the fly.  I skipped out on lashes because I was pressed for time.  The colors I used are as follows:


I used Milk Chocolate (red box) in my crease and blended it out, and then took Amaretto (purple box) all over my lid.  I love Amaretto, it’s SO gorgeous!  I forgot to highlight it, but I used Triple Fudge (above Amaretto) on my lower lash line, and lastly put a little bit of Champagne Truffle (pink box) in my inner corner.  I did an understated wing, and added mascara, and wore my Nyx Liquid Lip Suede in Cherry Skies on my lips because Valentine’s Day. 🙂  Here’s the finished look, thanks for reading you guys!  I’ll be back soon! ❤



Too Faced x Colourpop: Golden Chocolate Eyes

As promised, I have done a look today using the lat remaining shade in the Colourpop Studio 1400 shadow set, 8 Track!!  Since the tutorial I did the other day on the Sweet Peach was so well received, I’m doing another one today for this look!  In addition to my Colourpop shadow, I’ll be using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar as well.  So, let’s get started!!  First, here are the colors, I’ll be using:

8 Track (single shadow)

Salted Caramel (pink box)

Milk Chocolate (blue box)

Triple Fudge (purple box)

Champagne Truffle (red box)

** Side note, I also highlighted the shade “Creme Brulee” in green.  If you don’t have 8 Track, but have the Chocolate Bar, Creme Brulee is a pretty good substitute.**

I’ve gone ahead and done my face already.  If you’d like to know what products I use for my face makeup, click here.




Today, I primed my eyes with the NYX HD Primer.

First I went into Salted Caramel and placed that in my crease with my Elf crease brush.  Then I blended it upward using my blending brush, also by Elf.

To add a little more depth, I took a little bit of Milk Chocolate  into my crease as well, and blended it for a subtle gradient.


After blending that out, I then went into Triple Fudge and CAREFULLY placed that into my crease.  This is is SO pigmented that I wanted to go in kind of light with it at first, then I built it up because I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too dark.  Then I blended the hell out of it for a really nice, deep gradient.


I swear I don’t have a black eye, lol.  That’s just how the light was picking up on my camera. XD

Next, I took a flat shader brush and put 8 Track on my lid.  Then I went back into Triple fudge on my lower lash line, and lined it with an angled brush, and then smoked it out a little bit.  I brought the lower lash line up to the outer corner, and it sort of looked like a reverse wing.


I did my winged liner with my Revlon Liquid Eye Pen, and mascara, then went back into the Chocolate Bar with a small brush and put Champagne Truffle on my inner corners.


For lashes, I went with these lashes that I found on eBay.  Diamond Lashes are seriously awesome!  I’ve heard lots of other cosplayers talk about them, and finally got myself some. 🙂


I did my eyebrows like usual, and then put on one of my L.A. Girl Lip Paints (which I will do a blog post on, since I keep mentioning them, hehehe).  And after it’s all said and done, here is the final look!


I have to pat myself on the back today, that wing is FIERCE!!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’ll see you soon!! ❤



Colourpop Super Shock Shadows: Studio 1400 Set

I was introduced to Colourpop sometime last year by a friend of mine.  She told me how their shadows were super pigmented, and how much people raved over them.  I got a taste of that madness some of the times I’ve tried to order from them.  I’ve seen things launch and sell out in a matter of minutes.  Their sales also seem to have a big draw.  Another friend of mine gave me one of their shadows that she didn’t feel was right for her, so I finally got to see what the fuss was about.  OMG.  I was pretty much hooked on them after that.  In 2016 they launched a small set of their Super Shock Shadows, called Studio 1400.  I jumped on this one in case it sold out, I was in love with the colors.

I don’t have the little slip this came in anymore, sadly.  It got ruined somehow.  But I still keep the shadows in the box that they came in.


The set is four metallic/satin finish pigments (the website describes them as pearlized), and they are PERFECT Fall colors.  Obviously you can wear them whenever you want, but you can get some gorgeous Fall inspired looks from these!.  I plan on including some looks I’ve done in this post, but I’ll also do a new one in a separate blog post just for funsies.  🙂  Here’s a look at the shadows out of the box.


Here are the colors in photo order:

Donna is a deep green pigment (don’t mind the little gold spot in the pot, that was me dipping my makeup brush into the color next to it and then accidentally dipping back into this one, lol).  I’ve been on a green kick for a good while, this is one of the colors that really made me want this set.

8 Track is a beautiful goldish-bronze pigment.

Static is a very deep beautiful red pigment

White Rabbit is a very gorgeous orange shade, and also the other one that made me want this.  Orange isn’t a color I wear a lot of, so I really wanted to experiment with this one.

Here are some swatches, these are without any primer on my arm.  You can see that they are seriously pigmented!  They don’t seem to have any undertones, that I’ve noticed, either.


If you’re not familiar with Colourpop’s shadows, I HIGHLY suggest trying them!  The texture of these shadows isn’t what you would expect.  They are not dry shadows, like most shadows are.  These are already wet, so to speak.  I haven’t used one of these enough to hit pan, but they seem to have a good amount of product in them.  There is a huge range of colors, and the prices are super affordable!  This set is still available on their site.  It retails for $18, but is currently on sale for $14.40, click here to check out this set and everything else they have to offer!

As I mentioned above, I wanted to show some of the looks I’ve done with some of these.



I did this look in 2016.  I used the color White Rabbit on my lid, and my transition and inner corner shades came from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  NYX Liquid Lip shade Cherry Skies is on my lips.


This look uses the color Static, along with some shades from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  Again, Cherry Skies in on my lips.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved this lip color, lol!


Donna was used in this look, probably with one of my Too Faced palettes.  I couldn’t decide on a light or dark lip color, so the left is pictured with a glossy pink shade, and on the right I’m wearing the Ruby Kisses Maracuja Kiss Stick in dark purple.

Now, I have yet to do something with the shade 8 Track from this set.  So in a separate blog post which will either be up later today or tomorrow, I’ll show you what I end up doing with it.  And since the picture tutorial I did in my last post seemed to be a hit, I’ll do another tutorial for my look with 8 Track. ^.^  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! ❤


Cosplay Life: #28DaysofBlackCosplay

I thought about whether or not I’d include a section on this blog for my general ramblings, and I decided that I would. 🙂  You’ll see posts ranging from what games I’m playing, to maybe just something that popped into my head and I decided to write about it for a spell.

So, if you’re a fan of cosplay and have been on Facebook and Instagram (maybe other social media too), there’s a hashtag going around this month called #28DaysofBlackCosplay.  As it is known, February is Black History Month, and a few years ago, a cosplayer that goes by the moniker of Princess Mentality Cosplay decided that it would be awesome to shine the light on POC cosplayers in the community.  As awesome as this is, there is always some confusion as to the intent of this movement.  It seems like every year, there are people out there that get offended and sound off about it not being fair, and why can’t there be a 28 days of <insert ethnicity> cosplay movement.  First off, if someone out there wants to start a hashtag of a similar nature at some time of the year, I’m certain they are more than welcome to.  Just make sure it’s for a good reason, and not to be spiteful.  But people need to stop and think about this from another perspective, and that’s what gets overlooked.  It’s not about making black cosplayers “more important” than anyone else, it’s about shining the spotlight on a demographic within the cosplay community that doesn’t get the same amount of love, respect, and recognition as other cosplayers out there.

Black cosplayers face a lot of ridicule.  We’re told “<insert non-black character> isn’t black,” or called “the black version of <insert character>, that we “can’t”/shouldn’t cosplay outside of our race, or the character’s name is twisted to include some stereotype about black people, like this:



Let’s look at this meme for a moment.  Here we have a black male cosplayer dressed as a pretty good Link from Legend of Zelda.  Not only is he “Black Link,” but he’s out to get his “hoe” back and “cap” someone.  Why can’t he just be Link?  Why did Zelda become a “hoe” in association to the person cosplaying Link being black?   I want to make sure it’s known that I’m not “offended.”  I just want to take a moment to ask some questions that a lot of people might not stop to think about.  That being said, I’m sure that there are other POC cosplayers in the community that deal with this sort of thing as well, and I’m not trying to act like black cosplayers are the ONLY ones who face some of these problems, it’s everywhere.  There was an awesome female cosplayer that did Disney princess characters with her Hijab that faced a lot of trolls, so no one is really immune to this kind of thing.  This hashtag is meant to bring awareness, and shine the spotlight on black cosplayers as a whole because we are just as much a part of this community as much as anyone else.  And you don’t have to be black to participate in this celebration either.  If you aren’t black, but follow some awesome black cosplayers, or you’re a photographer with photos of black cosplayers, you can participate and join in on the fun.  Like Black History Month serves as a celebration of the impact black people have had on history and society as a whole, this movement serves as a celebration of the talent and creativity that black cosplayers have, as well as a reminder that no matter who you are or what you look like, you can cosplay like anyone else.  It’s ironic that in a community that the outside world might look at as “weird,” that there is so much judgment within it aimed at each other.

I never realized how much fun I would have joining in on this.  Because last year was a leap year, the hashtag was #29DaysofBlackCosplay.  And as the month went on, I found more and more that I was really getting into sharing these other cosplayers, the importance behind it, and just how much fun it is in general.  I feel like I’m an emcee for a very creative, kick ass fashion show, and I love it!  It gave me new cosplayers to follow, and I realized that I’m part of this too, because I’m a black cosplayer.  The thing is, that in a perfect world, none of this would be needed if everyone were looked at as equals.  Sadly, that’s just not the way the world is, and that’s why things like this are important.  It’s important to see more than just the same faces, it’s important to broaden our horizons, and our scope of vision. And while I have no intention of getting political in this post, given what we’ve all been seeing in the news as a whole, it makes things like this extra important.  We need more togetherness, positivity, and support of one another.  I’m going to show a few examples of the awesomeness I’m talking about.


Princess Mentality Cosplay as Akasha (Queen of the Damned) Photo by Hell or High Water Photography


Shawshank Cosplay and Props Making as Black Panther, photographer unknown (but I will update this caption as soon as I find the photographer)


Mahogany Cosplay as Effie Trinket (Hunger Games), photographer unknown (will update)

If you’d like to see more of this awesomeness, click on the hashtag the next time you see it somewhere.  I’m participating again this year, so you can check out my Facebook page as well, as I will be sharing at least one (sometimes more) cosplayer a day, and you can check out my personal work on there, and other sections on this blog.

Talent, creativity, and love for geeky things isn’t reserved for only certain types of people, it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of it.  If you read my About Me on the front page of this blog.  I started doing this just because I thought it would be fun to do, and that’s what we ALL do.  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!!

Palette Love: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette with Swatches & Look

Probably the most anticipated makeup release for 2016 was the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow palette.  This palette was released two different times, due to the high demand.  I managed to get one the first time around, and to say I was excited is probably an understatement.  I’m pretty sure I was quite the spectacle at Ulta, hahaha. I love peachy colors, and actual peaches are one of my favorite fruits, so when I heard about this palette, I was VERY intrigued.  Ulta had a test palette out, and after swatching some of the shadows, I was sold, particularly because of the colors Bellini and Just Peachy.  I mean, this palette is just L-O-V-E.


I also LOVED that this palette was scented like peaches, but it’s not a natural peach scent.  It’s more like a candied peach scent, but not overpowering (unless you just happen to have a sensitive sniffer).  The one con I will say for this palette is that I felt like the lighter shades (White Peach, Peaches & Cream, and Georgia) do not how up very well on me.  And again, it could be the formula, or it could just be that these shades are not as noticeable on brown skin tones.  It doesn’t stop me from using them, but I don’t use them as much as the other shades. Here are the swatches, which I did by columns, instead of by rows.


All of the metallic shades in this palette are gorgeous, I love them.  The one green shade, Bless Her Heart, is one of my favorites.  It’s interesting though, because it can almost take on a greenish-gold color under different light settings.  My favorite transition shades are Puree, and Summer Yum.  Charmed, I’m Sure is another good transition color, but I usually go for Puree or Summer Yum when I use this palette.  Now, let’s get into the look I decided to do with this peachy beauty!

Today, I decided to do a peach halo eye.  I do a lot of halo looks, it’s probably my favorite style.  I’m going to do something a little different today, and give a picture tutorial.  🙂  First off, here are all of the colors I used: Puree (blue box), Candied Peach (yellow box), Just Peachy (green box), Nectar (pink box)



Sometimes I do my face makeup before my eye makeup, and sometimes after.  Today, I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way.



I look a lot more awake after makeup, lulz.

Next, I primed my eyes, and took Puree into my crease with my Elf crease brush.  Then I blended it out with the Elf blending brush.


Next, I took Candied Peach into my crease as well, and blended it out, using the same brushes I just mentioned.

Moving on to my lids, I dipped into Just Peachy, which is  GORGEOUS metallic, and used a flat lid brush to put that on the inner and outer parts of my lid.  After that, I took the shade Nectar into the center of my lid.  I went back with the blending brush and gently blended the crease and my lid to get rid of any harsh lines.  UGH, IT’S SO PRETTY!! ❤


After that, I lined my lower lash line with Just Peachy and Nectar, to make it match my lid.  Then I did my winged liner using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, and then I lined my water line with my NYC City Proof 24 Hour eyeliner pencil.



For lashes, I used these eBay roulette lashes from Japan.  I LOVE these lashes.  I bought one pack to see if I liked them, and when I found out that I did, I ordered more.  They have an invisible lash band, and it’s awesome.


Finally, on my lips I used this L.A. Girl Lip Paint in the shade Tango.  


Annnnnd, this is the finished look!


“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

There we go, a nice, peachy, shimmery look!  This palette is like the love of my life, I swear.  And I squealed uncontrollably when I found out that Too Faced was going to make this permanent like their other large palettes!!  Hope you all enjoyed this look, I’ll see you soon!! ❤



Makeup Improv: Sparkly Dark Makeup

I think doing makeup and then throwing on one of my cosplay wigs is fast becoming one of my favorite things to do.  I have this dark purple wig that I bought for a Raven cosplay, and I really felt like trying out some more dark/goth-like makeup.  Not too heavy, I’m not that confident yet, haha.

I experimented with my UD Full Spectrum again, and ended up using 4 colors from the palette, which I’ve highlighted below.



I started off by taking Delirious into my crease and thoroughly blending it out.  Then I took that same color on to the inner and outer parts of my lid.

Next I took Sketch on top of Delirious on the same parts of my lid.

Things got interesting right here.  Faded is a beautiful color, but apparently it’s not very metallic, like I thought it might be.  I went into the center of my crease with that shade, and found that it kind of blended in with the other purples.  So to save my halo eye, I took some of Goldmine onto one finger, and carefully dabbed some on top of Faded.

Then I lined my lower lash line with Sketch and Goldmine.

I planned on adding lashes, but today was one of those days where the ones I chose decided to be a pain in the ass, so I skipped them for the sake of my sanity. I used my NYC City Proof mascara on my natural lashes, and did a simple wing with my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Eye Pen.  I debated on making my brows the same color as my wig, and ultimately opted to use my normal dark brown NYC pencil liner.

On my lips, I used the Ruby Kisses Maracuja Kiss Stick, unfortunately, I can’t seem to find an actual color name for this shade, but here’s what it looks like:


The wig is an eBay roulette wig, that turned out to be GORGEOUS.  I LOVE this wig, SO MUCH.  Later on when I went into my craft room to work on cosplay, I decided to throw on my flower cat ears and take a few more selfies. 🙂


Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! XOXO ❤