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Birthday Goodies: Lush Haul

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a birthday, recently!  I was talking to my friend Tona, and she always raves about Lush products.  We have a store here in Raleigh, but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been in there.  I tended to stay out of that store because I’d leave with a headache from all the scents.  They didn’t smell bad, but it would overload my nose, lol.  Anyway, it’d been a LONG time since I went in there.  The last time I went in that store, it looked like a hole in the wall, but now it’s very open with lots of windows and a lot more products, I was in awe.  Tona and I had been talking about it so much, that I decided to use some of my birthday money, and go on a lil’ shopping trip.  Two of my other friends and I went to the mall, and I remember now why I love the mall, and why it’s a good thing that I can’t shop there as often as I’d like, hahaha.  I’ve never used any of their products before, so I was stoked.  I LOVE seeing the bath fizzies dissolve in water, it’s so magical!

So I got myself a few things.

Lush Haul

I got three bath crumbles, which are the yellow smiley face, the top right with the blue flower, and the top left with the small white flower.  The yellow one was given to me by the girl who helped me out because she said my friends and I made her day really nice, so each of us got one.  The middle product is a bath fizzy, and I looked online at the shower jellies, and made up my mind to try one.  I had originally gone in there with the intention of getting maybe one bath fizzy, and the shower jelly.  Yeah…  This stuff might last me a while too, because I don’t take sit-down baths very often, but I have been doing it a lot more, recently.

I used the shower jelly a few times to just wash my hands with, it’s really awesome, and very slippery, lol.  The scent I have is something citrusy.  I adore fruity scents.  Here’s what it looks like out of the container.

I used the shower jelly last night, and I was slightly confused at first as to the best way to use it, lol.  I decided to see if I could use it on my bath sponge like I do with my body wash, and it worked nicely!  It had a really nice lather.  I’ll definitely buy this particular jelly again.  They come in two different sizes, I got the smaller of the two since I was trying it for the first time.  My next adventure will probably be one of the bath crumbles!

Overall, I have to say that I finally understand why it seems so many people are in love with Lush’s products.  The demonstrations I got in the store were awesome, and if I had been able to, I’d have bought even more stuff than I did.  I’m definitely in love with the shower jelly, and I can’t wait to try out the rest of it!  That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon! ❤


Long Hiatus and Birthday Shtuff!

What’s up, everyone!  Yes, I know it’s been a while, sorry about that!  Life kind of kept happening and I guess I needed more time than I thought!  Anyway, I’m back!  A little R&R can do wonders for you!  So, last Monday was my birthday!  It was pretty low key, I saved my shenanigans for the weekend when my boyfriend and I celebrated our birthdays together.  I started off getting glitter-bombed by my own mother with not one, not two, but THREE birthday cards from her, LOL!!  I made the mistake of opening them in bed, too…

Anyway, later on in the day, I felt like it would be a crime for me to not make myself look magical, so I dolled myself up a lil’ bit. 😉

I used my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette for this fun, unicorn-esque look!  I finally got to use the shade in the palette called “Metamorphosis,” and OMG!  It’s SUCH a pretty iridescent blue!  I’ll be looking for many more excuses to use that one!  Here’s a bonus photo of me with my very necessary birthday crown! ❤  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!

bday 2

Because if you can’t be extra on your birthday, when CAN you??