Makeup Love: ABH Aurora Glow Kit

Alright, first thing’s first:  I don’t use highlighters, lol.  I have nothing against them, I just don’t really know how to use them, and I’m not sure if I’ll even look right with a highlight, but this palette stole my little heart.  I’m not sure when this came out specifically, but I swatched it for the first time around my birthday, which was back in June, at Sephora.  I pretty much lost my damn mind in the middle of the store. I didn’t get it then, because I wasn’t sure what all I wanted to get with my birthday money, but I swore to the heavens above that I was going to get this palette because the shimmer and sparkle was LIT (see what I did there?  Lulz).

I’m finally working regularly again, so I finally went to Ulta to get my precious:

ABH Aurora


Let’s get into the colors and see some swatches! First off, here are the colors:

ABH Aurora 2

And now the swatches:

ABH Swatches

I think my favorite shade in here is Orion.  It’s just such a gorgeous iridescent blue.  Lyra and Eclipse kind of look similar to me, but they are still beautiful.  The only one that’s kind of funny to me as a highlighter is Spectra.  I see purple and I’m not sure how to envision that as a highlighter, but since I consider myself a makeup noob anyway, what do I know?  Hahaha.  I’ll have to do some googling and see how people used that one.  I like the pigmentation so far.  We’ll see what happens when I use them in a look!

Will I use this palette for its intended purpose?  Well, I’m gonna try.  The more likely scenario is that I’ll use it as an eye shadow palette.  But, since I’ve been working on a Lunar Fairy cosplay, I’m going to TRY to see if I can come up with a look to incorporate  this as a highlighter.  We’ll see what happens!  Whichever way I end up using it, I plan to GLOW UP! ❤  Thanks for reading!



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