Makeup: Pastel Goth

I love experimenting with different looks.  I’ve never considered myself a goth by any means, but I dig all kinds of alternative/quirky styles and aesthetics.  I’ve been wanting to to attempt a pastel goth look for a little while now, and finally did the other day.  I took to Pinterest and found a lot of interesting ideas, and ultimately just decided to try and make something up.  It’s a nice, toned down look that I would definitely wear on an every day basis (if I wore makeup every day, lol).

For this look, I used…  A bunch of stuff. XD  I mixed and dipped in different palettes to figure out what colors would work best.  The ones I ended up using were:

  • The huge Elf shadow palette
  • The Absolute! Perfect 18 palette
  • Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette


I don’t have a matte color palette, yet.  Much less one with true pastel colors in it, but I did what I could with what I do have. 🙂  If anyone has any recommendations for any (other than Kat Von D, I know she’s got one, but I don’t know if you can still get it or not), feel free to leave a comment below!

I tried to get a little creative with my winged liner, and brought it in on to the corner of my lid, a little bit.  It’s a work in progress, but I thought it was kinda cute!

Because I wanted that kawaii/pastel goth look, I paired this with my favorite lavender wig by Arda Wigs.  On my lips is the Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Suede in “Alien,” along with some purple shadow either from the Elf palette, or the Absolute, dabbed on to my bottom lip.  I don’t remember which palette I took the color from.

And here’s the finished result with my wig:

And then when I took the wig off:

Pastel 3

I actually really liked how I looked without the wig on, with this makeup.  I’ll definitely have to rock it in the future!  Luckily the shadows on my eyebrows came out kind of dark, so somehow it still works, lol.  I just ordered the Karity Unicorn Dreams palette with pastel shades in it, so I can’t wait to try it out and talk about it!  Thanks for reading, see ya next time! ❤



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