Makeup: Gothic Blues

Lately I’ve been wanting to play on the more gothic/pastel goth side of makeup.  I like to try and figure out what kind of looks I can pull off because I’ve got kind of a full baby face, so I feel like when it comes to edgier looks I need to push the envelope while understanding that there is stuff my face just can’t do, lol.  There will be a lot more experimentation coming, and I’m pretty pumped about it.

The other day, I decided to play with more blues, because as much as I like the color I don’t wear a lot of it, makeup-wise. I also got a new black lip color that I wanted to play with, and this was the result:

Blue Makeup

I used my ever-wonderful Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette to play with mah brows, and those are the colors Mean, Hatter, and Blindsided, in that order.  I love doing colored brows, it’s rather sassy. ❤

When I do the wilder looks I ask myself “how extra do I feel like being today?” XD  The answer this time was we’ll keep it to the brows and the lips, because I don’t know what this is gonna look like when I’m done.  So I used a couple of brown shades from my Too Faced Chocolate bar on my eyes for a wee bit o’ shade.  I took Iced from the Full Spectrum and planted that in my inner corners.  The color on my lips is a Nyx Liquid Lip Suede in the color Alien.

Something else I’d been wanting to try, was layering an eyeshadow over a lip color.  Since I was doing blue, I took one of my Colourpop Super Shock pigments in the color Coconut and dabbed that over it.  I really wanted it to be a gradient color between the black and blue but somehow the blue overtook the whole thing, but it still looked pretty, so I went with it. 🙂  I was all kinds of tickled over the pretty, and I’m going to be trying this out with other color combos in the future.  The lashes I used were more of my lovely eBay roulette lashes, and the wig is an eBay roulette as well that I had wanted to use a while back for my Onimusha Soul Morrigan cosplay (that I still need to finish *whistles*), but once I got it the colors were NOT gonna work with what I had in mind so not it’s just whatever.  It worked nicely for this once I had a concept envisioned.

I loved this look both ways, but the blue lips definitely popped more.  Thanks for reading, see ya soon! ❤

Birthday Goodies: Lush Haul

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a birthday, recently!  I was talking to my friend Tona, and she always raves about Lush products.  We have a store here in Raleigh, but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been in there.  I tended to stay out of that store because I’d leave with a headache from all the scents.  They didn’t smell bad, but it would overload my nose, lol.  Anyway, it’d been a LONG time since I went in there.  The last time I went in that store, it looked like a hole in the wall, but now it’s very open with lots of windows and a lot more products, I was in awe.  Tona and I had been talking about it so much, that I decided to use some of my birthday money, and go on a lil’ shopping trip.  Two of my other friends and I went to the mall, and I remember now why I love the mall, and why it’s a good thing that I can’t shop there as often as I’d like, hahaha.  I’ve never used any of their products before, so I was stoked.  I LOVE seeing the bath fizzies dissolve in water, it’s so magical!

So I got myself a few things.

Lush Haul

I got three bath crumbles, which are the yellow smiley face, the top right with the blue flower, and the top left with the small white flower.  The yellow one was given to me by the girl who helped me out because she said my friends and I made her day really nice, so each of us got one.  The middle product is a bath fizzy, and I looked online at the shower jellies, and made up my mind to try one.  I had originally gone in there with the intention of getting maybe one bath fizzy, and the shower jelly.  Yeah…  This stuff might last me a while too, because I don’t take sit-down baths very often, but I have been doing it a lot more, recently.

I used the shower jelly a few times to just wash my hands with, it’s really awesome, and very slippery, lol.  The scent I have is something citrusy.  I adore fruity scents.  Here’s what it looks like out of the container.

I used the shower jelly last night, and I was slightly confused at first as to the best way to use it, lol.  I decided to see if I could use it on my bath sponge like I do with my body wash, and it worked nicely!  It had a really nice lather.  I’ll definitely buy this particular jelly again.  They come in two different sizes, I got the smaller of the two since I was trying it for the first time.  My next adventure will probably be one of the bath crumbles!

Overall, I have to say that I finally understand why it seems so many people are in love with Lush’s products.  The demonstrations I got in the store were awesome, and if I had been able to, I’d have bought even more stuff than I did.  I’m definitely in love with the shower jelly, and I can’t wait to try out the rest of it!  That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon! ❤

Long Hiatus and Birthday Shtuff!

What’s up, everyone!  Yes, I know it’s been a while, sorry about that!  Life kind of kept happening and I guess I needed more time than I thought!  Anyway, I’m back!  A little R&R can do wonders for you!  So, last Monday was my birthday!  It was pretty low key, I saved my shenanigans for the weekend when my boyfriend and I celebrated our birthdays together.  I started off getting glitter-bombed by my own mother with not one, not two, but THREE birthday cards from her, LOL!!  I made the mistake of opening them in bed, too…

Anyway, later on in the day, I felt like it would be a crime for me to not make myself look magical, so I dolled myself up a lil’ bit. 😉

I used my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette for this fun, unicorn-esque look!  I finally got to use the shade in the palette called “Metamorphosis,” and OMG!  It’s SUCH a pretty iridescent blue!  I’ll be looking for many more excuses to use that one!  Here’s a bonus photo of me with my very necessary birthday crown! ❤  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!

bday 2

Because if you can’t be extra on your birthday, when CAN you??

Palette Love: BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals Palette

Sorry for the radio silence!  Life’s been a little bit off for me lately, but I’m back now!  A few days ago, I was browsing the BH Cosmetics website, and came across the Blushed Neutrals palette.  I really liked it because most of the colors were rosy, and included some matte shades.  I’ve been feeling like I’m in need of more mattes.  I’ve got lots of shimmery and glittery shadows.  Anyway, I’ve never tried anything from BH, so this is my first experience with them!  This is the box it came in.

BH Blush palette

The palette goes for $13.99 on their website, but I happened to get it during a flash sale for $9.99.  It has 21 shadows, and 5 blush shades, with a combination of shimmer, matte, and satin finishes.  Let’s open this bad boy up!


The larger pans at the bottom are the blush shades.  Off the bat, I can tell you that the lightest shade will probably be used in another way, if I use it.  It’s rather light for a blush on brown skin tones, haha.  In fact, I’m not even sure how well it would show up on lighter skin tones.  But I’m kind of a blush noob, anyway.  The fourth blush shade is shimmery, all of the others appear to be matte.  It’s kind of scented, but not really.  It doesn’t have any particular scent when you open it up, but when I put my nose up to it, there seems to be some kind of maybe a flowery aroma.  Let’s get on to the swatches!

All of these swatched pretty well, and the ones that seemed a little bit light, built up nicely.  I forgot to add that I don’t have any primer on my arm, so the pigmentation for these is pretty darn good.  There also doesn’t seem to be much fallout with any of the shades, and I didn’t feel that any of them were chalky.  They had a very soft feel.  I’m excited to use this on my eyes, and figure out new looks!  Until next time! ❤

Chocolate Amaretto Valentine’s Day Makeup & Too Faced Chocolate Bar Spotlight

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a little bit late.  We went out last night for a sweet date night.  I did a simple makeup look using my  Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  I had been intending to do a fun Valentine’s Day themed look, but I never got around to it.  Even though it’s past the holiday, I might still do one in my next post, just for funsies. 🙂  Anyway, I’m going to kind of give my two cents on this palette as well, since I wanted to make it my goal to talk about all of the stuff I have.

This is the first palette from Too Faced that I ever purchased. was having a new member coupon offer where you could get $20 off of your purchase as a first time customer, so I jumped all over that.  This palette is love, for reals.  I know everyone on earth has seen or owns this palette, but humor me while I go through the motions. 🙂  Here are the swatches:


My favorite colors in this palette are honestly…  Every single one of the metallic shades, hahaha.  All of them are super pigmented, but I did notice that the glittery shade Candied Violet has a lot of fallout.  I try to be super careful and tap my brush whenever I use this one.  Champagne Truffle is a favorite of mine for highlighting my inner corner..  I used it in the makeup look I did for my date.  My least favorite shade in the palette is Strawberry Bon Bon, which is the lone pink in the palette.  I love the look of this pink SO MUCH, but the color payoff is honestly just incredibly disappointing.  As usual, it could be the formula of the shade, or that I have brown skin and it doesn’t show up as well, but the few times I’ve tried to use this shade just haven’t done anything for me.

Now, let’s get on to my makeup.  Like I said, it was very simple, because I came up with it on the fly.  I skipped out on lashes because I was pressed for time.  The colors I used are as follows:


I used Milk Chocolate (red box) in my crease and blended it out, and then took Amaretto (purple box) all over my lid.  I love Amaretto, it’s SO gorgeous!  I forgot to highlight it, but I used Triple Fudge (above Amaretto) on my lower lash line, and lastly put a little bit of Champagne Truffle (pink box) in my inner corner.  I did an understated wing, and added mascara, and wore my Nyx Liquid Lip Suede in Cherry Skies on my lips because Valentine’s Day. 🙂  Here’s the finished look, thanks for reading you guys!  I’ll be back soon! ❤



Too Faced x Colourpop: Golden Chocolate Eyes

As promised, I have done a look today using the lat remaining shade in the Colourpop Studio 1400 shadow set, 8 Track!!  Since the tutorial I did the other day on the Sweet Peach was so well received, I’m doing another one today for this look!  In addition to my Colourpop shadow, I’ll be using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar as well.  So, let’s get started!!  First, here are the colors, I’ll be using:

8 Track (single shadow)

Salted Caramel (pink box)

Milk Chocolate (blue box)

Triple Fudge (purple box)

Champagne Truffle (red box)

** Side note, I also highlighted the shade “Creme Brulee” in green.  If you don’t have 8 Track, but have the Chocolate Bar, Creme Brulee is a pretty good substitute.**

I’ve gone ahead and done my face already.  If you’d like to know what products I use for my face makeup, click here.




Today, I primed my eyes with the NYX HD Primer.

First I went into Salted Caramel and placed that in my crease with my Elf crease brush.  Then I blended it upward using my blending brush, also by Elf.

To add a little more depth, I took a little bit of Milk Chocolate  into my crease as well, and blended it for a subtle gradient.


After blending that out, I then went into Triple Fudge and CAREFULLY placed that into my crease.  This is is SO pigmented that I wanted to go in kind of light with it at first, then I built it up because I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be too dark.  Then I blended the hell out of it for a really nice, deep gradient.


I swear I don’t have a black eye, lol.  That’s just how the light was picking up on my camera. XD

Next, I took a flat shader brush and put 8 Track on my lid.  Then I went back into Triple fudge on my lower lash line, and lined it with an angled brush, and then smoked it out a little bit.  I brought the lower lash line up to the outer corner, and it sort of looked like a reverse wing.


I did my winged liner with my Revlon Liquid Eye Pen, and mascara, then went back into the Chocolate Bar with a small brush and put Champagne Truffle on my inner corners.


For lashes, I went with these lashes that I found on eBay.  Diamond Lashes are seriously awesome!  I’ve heard lots of other cosplayers talk about them, and finally got myself some. 🙂


I did my eyebrows like usual, and then put on one of my L.A. Girl Lip Paints (which I will do a blog post on, since I keep mentioning them, hehehe).  And after it’s all said and done, here is the final look!


I have to pat myself on the back today, that wing is FIERCE!!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I’ll see you soon!! ❤



Colourpop Super Shock Shadows: Studio 1400 Set

I was introduced to Colourpop sometime last year by a friend of mine.  She told me how their shadows were super pigmented, and how much people raved over them.  I got a taste of that madness some of the times I’ve tried to order from them.  I’ve seen things launch and sell out in a matter of minutes.  Their sales also seem to have a big draw.  Another friend of mine gave me one of their shadows that she didn’t feel was right for her, so I finally got to see what the fuss was about.  OMG.  I was pretty much hooked on them after that.  In 2016 they launched a small set of their Super Shock Shadows, called Studio 1400.  I jumped on this one in case it sold out, I was in love with the colors.

I don’t have the little slip this came in anymore, sadly.  It got ruined somehow.  But I still keep the shadows in the box that they came in.


The set is four metallic/satin finish pigments (the website describes them as pearlized), and they are PERFECT Fall colors.  Obviously you can wear them whenever you want, but you can get some gorgeous Fall inspired looks from these!.  I plan on including some looks I’ve done in this post, but I’ll also do a new one in a separate blog post just for funsies.  🙂  Here’s a look at the shadows out of the box.


Here are the colors in photo order:

Donna is a deep green pigment (don’t mind the little gold spot in the pot, that was me dipping my makeup brush into the color next to it and then accidentally dipping back into this one, lol).  I’ve been on a green kick for a good while, this is one of the colors that really made me want this set.

8 Track is a beautiful goldish-bronze pigment.

Static is a very deep beautiful red pigment

White Rabbit is a very gorgeous orange shade, and also the other one that made me want this.  Orange isn’t a color I wear a lot of, so I really wanted to experiment with this one.

Here are some swatches, these are without any primer on my arm.  You can see that they are seriously pigmented!  They don’t seem to have any undertones, that I’ve noticed, either.


If you’re not familiar with Colourpop’s shadows, I HIGHLY suggest trying them!  The texture of these shadows isn’t what you would expect.  They are not dry shadows, like most shadows are.  These are already wet, so to speak.  I haven’t used one of these enough to hit pan, but they seem to have a good amount of product in them.  There is a huge range of colors, and the prices are super affordable!  This set is still available on their site.  It retails for $18, but is currently on sale for $14.40, click here to check out this set and everything else they have to offer!

As I mentioned above, I wanted to show some of the looks I’ve done with some of these.



I did this look in 2016.  I used the color White Rabbit on my lid, and my transition and inner corner shades came from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  NYX Liquid Lip shade Cherry Skies is on my lips.


This look uses the color Static, along with some shades from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  Again, Cherry Skies in on my lips.  I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved this lip color, lol!


Donna was used in this look, probably with one of my Too Faced palettes.  I couldn’t decide on a light or dark lip color, so the left is pictured with a glossy pink shade, and on the right I’m wearing the Ruby Kisses Maracuja Kiss Stick in dark purple.

Now, I have yet to do something with the shade 8 Track from this set.  So in a separate blog post which will either be up later today or tomorrow, I’ll show you what I end up doing with it.  And since the picture tutorial I did in my last post seemed to be a hit, I’ll do another tutorial for my look with 8 Track. ^.^  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! ❤