Costume Progess #1: Dark Zelda

I am finally getting to work on a costume I have been wanting to do for like the last four years, lol!  She is the Twilight Princess version of Princess Zelda, but in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game, you can change her color schemes.  I guess she isn’t actually called “Dark Zelda,” but if you Google her by that name, you will find the version I am doing, which is this one:


I’m starting off this time around by making a mock-up of this costume, so I bought 4 yards of 108″ wide muslin from JoAnn, and ordered more medical paper for the pattern.  Because my size is outside of the pattern range, I did the necessary math and figured that I need to add 2″ to each pattern piece.  The pattern has a sweetheart neckline, but the neck in the photo shows a scooped look, so I’ll be modifying the neckline. I’ve also noticed in some back views I could find, that the back of the dress also comes to a V shape, so I will be modifying that after I sew the mock up.  The fabric I have is enough for the dress part, but I will have to get more muslin for the overlay.  Another modification I am hoping to add (but will have to do at another point in time) is adding box pleats between the seams in the skirt of the pattern.  Some pictures of her dress, I have seen appear to have a pleat of some kind in it, and others do not.  I like the look of a pleat, so I’m going to try to figure out how to add one after I see what it looks like as-is.

The fabric I’m using for this is faux dupioni.  I wanted to use real dupioni, but it’s epensive, and the faux dupioni I found on is 120″ wide.  I ordered 6 yards of it, and hopefully that will be enough, so we’ll see!  I’ve already started on cutting out the dress pieces, and I’m ready to sew them together so I can see what it will look like.  I also hope as I go through this, to do something else I have never done before and just recently learned about, which is padding your dummy.  I’m hoping I can pad my adjustable dummy to my proportions so that as I go along, I can see what this is going to look like on me.  I’m thinking I may end up needing an A-line hoop and petti to go under the dress so it flares out nicely, so I’ll be getting stuff for that too.

Dis gon’ be a BIG project, LOL!  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!!



New Makeup! The Atlantis Palette from Hush (Full First Impression Review)

Alright, let’s have a little talk about Hush, hehe.  If you’ve never heard of it, Hush is a makeup site that has TONS of products, that are pretty reasonably priced.  There’s just one issue that some people have with them:  Some of their palettes are knock offs of other big name palettes.  The palettes are made by different “brands,” and while they change the packaging, and perhaps the color placement in the palettes, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s a knock off.  I’ve seen palettes that were CLEARLY Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes (like Subculture, Modern Renaissance, and the Soft Glam), and one that had packaging like a Too Faced palette, and one that I believe was a Huda Beauty knock off.  I’ve watched some reviews, and the palettes can be hit or miss.  Some can be just as good as the originals, some might be horrible, and some might be good but fall short.  The site does also carry some name brands, such as Nyx.  I don’t know if the supposed “brands” that make the palettes are actual brands, or if they’re just random names to make it appear like different brands made them.

I want to get into a little bit of backstory behind this palette, in case there are people reading this who missed the drama.  Back in April, Tarte Cosmetics released a photo of a new palette called the “Icy Betch,” that featured a COMPLETE 360 from what they normally do (which is make lots of neutral palettes, much like Too Faced), in blues and greens.  It looked like this:


People were SO excited…  But there was one problem.


That’s right.  The photo was posted on April 1st, April Fool’s Day.  Tarte thought they were being cute, but LOTS of people were NOT having it.  And it seems like ever since then, their name is been “Mud” for one thing after another.  People really wanted to see this palette because it was so different.  So a few months later, I believe it was Trend Mood on Instagram, shared a photo of an upcoming palette on the Hush website that looked MYSTERIOUSLY like Tarte’s “Icy Betch.”  So here’s where it gets interesting.  There’s controversy in buying blatant knock-off products, and understandably so.  Companies come out with products only to have some other company make a cheaper quality copy of their expensive product.  In a way, it’s helpful for people who might not be able to afford the original, but it’s a knock off product that may be sub-par in  quality.  But the interesting thing about this palette, is that it’s “original” doesn’t actually exist.  So can you call it a knock off if there is no original?  Tarte came up with the joke, but Hush/Face Candy made it real.  I was intrigued, so I bought it.

Now obviously with no actual palette from Tarte, I can’t compare the palettes and tell you what’s better.  But I can tell you my thoughts about THIS palette.  So, the first thing to note is that I had to download the Hush app to my phone to purchase this palette.  I’m not sure why, but there are certain palettes you can buy from the website, and some you can only purchase if you have the app on your phone.  The palette was $14, and shipping was free  (I don’t know if there is a charge for international shipping).  It came well packaged, and when I unboxed the palette, I noticed that the packaging felt really nice.  It’s a cardboard palette, but good quality, and the Face Candy name, as well as the “Atlantis” name are embossed into the cardboard, so it has some texture.  When you open it up, it has a nice sized mirror, and there’s a sheet of plastic over the shadows for protection.  Aside from some of the colors being switched, and some look a tad off from the ones in the Tarte photo, it looked pretty much like the Icy Betch, and it’s super pretty!  There are 7 matte shades, and 5 metallics, my absolute favorite is the shade “Tsunami,” which has a duochrome purple-blue shift.

I swatched all of these on my arm without any primer, and the color payoff was pretty legit.  Some of the mattes felt slightly dry, but most of the shades in general felt very smooth.

Atl swatch

Blue isn’t a color I wear a lot of on my face, which is another reason I wanted this, so I looked up something I could do, and found a look that had similar colors to the palette.  I didn’t do a picture tutorial because I’d misplaced my phone at the time, but I can tell you which colors I used.  And the colors I used were pretty much the entire bottom row of the palette.  I set my eye primer with my Too Faced Sweet Peach, using “Peaches n’ Cream” all over my lid, and then I used the shade “Puree” in my crease.  Then I switched to the Atlantis palette for the rest of the look.

Inner Corner: “Tidal”

Inner Lid: “Swell”

Middle of Lid: “Vanished”

Outer corner: “Empire”

The colors I used went on GREAT with a brush.  The color payoff was just as strong as the swatches I’d done earlier.  I didn’t feel like I needed to use a lot, and though I didn’t really have fallout, I did notice some slight color transfer to my lower lash line when I’d closed my eyes for something, so that’s something to be careful of.  I also found out that it’s a good idea to use the shade “Empire” FIRST, because I went a little too high with that color on my outer corner and tried to blend it, and it turned into kind of a mess, so I had to start over.  So I suggest using that color first.  When I re-did my makeup, it was pretty smooth sailing after that.

So here are my final thoughts as a first impression:

Is this a good palette?  So far, I’d say yes, but it might not hurt to use some translucent powder under your eyes before applying the shadows, just to play it safe.

Is it worth buying?  Yeah, I think so.  The packaging is nice, the colors had pretty good pigmentation, and overall, I don’t feel like it let me down.  And as I write this, I’ve currently had the makeup on now for a few hours, and it looks perfectly fine.  There also wasn’t any staining when I removed the shadows from my arm or my eye, but you might need to wipe a couple of times to remove it all.  But once it is removed, there’s no staining.

Who knows, maybe Tarte will make a REAL “Icy Betch” palette, someday.  Though even if they do, they’ll have to do a lot to convince people it’s not another prank.  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! ❤

Costume Diaries: Cardcaptor Sakura- The Flower

I’ve decided to start condensing my costume progress posts into one comprehensive post, because I tend to get really wrapped up in my projects.  So I figure if I talk about the whole thing after it’s finished, I don’t have to feel like a noob for saying I’m going to do continuation posts and then get sidetracked, lol.  This could be kind of long, so grab a snack, tea, coffee, and leggo! ❤

Animazement was this weekend (well, as I write this, today is the last day of the con, but I only went for one day, so for me it’s over, lol), and after all the (literal) blood, sweat, and tears, I got to wear mah costume!!  It got so much love, and I couldn’t have been happier.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten to really cosplay.  Financial setbacks kept me on the sidelines for a while, so this costume was really special to me.  It’s frustrating when you can’t participate in a hobby you love.  I wore myself out, finishing this costume.  The week before a con is called “con crunch,”  or I like to call “hell week (throwback to my high school days working backstage in the drama dept),” and I’d say that’s what my week was.  I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, and I’m talking 3-4 AM.  Your girl is tired, but so, so, so happy. 😀  I’m going to break this down into three sections, since I’ve already talked about the vine wrist cuffs, and the petticoat.  I took a lot of inspiration from images online of intricate wedding dresses, and other costume designers such as Firefly Path, who is one of my absolute favorites.  I’ve dreamed for so long to be able to create elegant fantasy costumes like she does.  But without further adieu, here is the result!


Photo courtesy of my friend Rey Colon

The Bodice

So for the bodice, I used Simplicity 1728 as my pattern base.  It has a slight off the shoulder pattern that was exactly what I wanted for this.  It took some time to modify the top of each piece, to take on the shape I needed the neckline to look like.  I’d contemplated trying to make the front of the bodice look more like the open front that the character has, and using  fabric close to my skin tone to make it appear “nude (but not actually nude because I wanted to keep it family friendly, lol),” but I decided not to do that, in the end.  The neckline is scalloped, which I patterned to match the scalloping on the lace overlay.  The bodice is made of pink matte satin that I purchased from the Online Fabric Store, two types of Pellon fusible interfacing, and lined with cotton broadcloth I bought from JoAnn.  I wanted to give this strength, and structure, and I knew that I would need the neckline to be a bit stiffer, so it would stand up, and I didn’t want to have to use wire to achieve that result.  So I used one type of interfacing for the each entire piece of the bodice, and then made smaller pieces that were just for the top, and fused those to the rest of my pieces.  For boning, I went with spiral steel, which I happened to have an entire roll of from a while back, that I completely forgot I had.  In addition to putting boning in the seams, I also added extra channels in the front and sides, for a smoother silhouette and structure.

The overlay is made of special occasion lace, and I was only able to match the two back panels of the bodice to the scalloped edge of the lace.  For the other pieces, I cut off the scalloping and re-attached it along the raw edge of my lace, to match.  The seams are serged, and I attached it to the satin by sewing the two layers together at the arm holes and shoulder seams, before attaching the lining.  I also went back and tacked the scallops of the lace to the bodice to make sure it wouldn’t side down.  The lace overlay is longer than the rest of the bodice, and I cut some of the panels at an edge, and then distressed the edges with scissors so it would look less deliberate.  The bodice is COVERED in rhinstones, I wanted to sparkle like the magical girl I am, lol. I bought a lot of 720 Swarovski-like (they are very similar to Swarovski) rhinestones from a seller on Etsy, and with as many as I used, I actually still have maybe about half of the bag left.  I’m thinking about going back and adding more, because why not, lulz.  The majority of them were glued on by me, but a friend did come over one day to give me a little bit of a helping hand with finishing the blinging and I appreciated him so much. ❤  The artificial flowers are both sewn and glued on, and each flower has a rhinestone in the center.  I used larger rhinestones in the larger flowers.  IT’S SO SPARKLY!! ❤


Part II: The Skirt

The overall look I was going for with this costume was organic, whimsical, and realistic, while still keeping elements of the character’s design. Her skirt has a small top tier, and then the rest of the skirt, so I decided I wanted my top tier to be a tatter skirt.  I bought about 3-4 yards of different types of lace from work, cut them into strips, and again distressed them with scissors for the tatter skirt.  I was going to ombre dye the edges of the tatters, but I changed my mind.  The main skirt is made of the same pink matte satin as the bodice, with a pink organza overlay that I ombre dyed myself, using two colors of Jacquard Acid Dye to get the shade of pink I wanted. I used Simplicity 8490, and added a few inches to the length.  The seams are serged, and I roll-hemmed the satin by hand, and used fishing line in the hem for the organza.  The large flowers on the skirt are removable for cleaning purposes.  I was unsure of just how many flowers I wanted to add to the skirt, but I still have quite a few left, so I will most likely be adding more.  I also kept most of them off of the back of the dress because I wanted to account for when I would be sitting down, but I think I ended up kind of lifting my dress up a bit to sit, so I think if I add some to the back, they’ll be okay.


Close-up of the flowers

Part III:  The Wig

I know you’re not going to believe me, given how this turned out, but I am NOT a hair person, seriously.  I’ve never been one to do a lot of hair styling to my own hair, and at best, I’m pretty good at cutting bangs now, so how this wig turned out so well, is BEYOND me.  There’s only been one other time I have done major wig styling, and that was  with a Flame Princess cosplay when I was still pretty new to the scene.  I didn’t know what I was doing then, and I damn sure didn’t know what I was doing for this, but some way, somehow, this wig turned out better than I could have ever hoped for.  The wig is an Arda classic “Chibi” in the shade “Victory Blonde.”  I went with a shade of blonde that I thought might be complimentary to my skin tone.  The matching wefts I needed were on backorder, but I found an equivalent in the classic wefts, and ordered 4 of them.  It turned out to be too much hair, I used one bag, and part of a second one, but I had no idea how much hair this would call for, so I’d rather have too much than not enough.

What I did know, was that I needed the base for the pigtails to be as light as possible.  My boyfriend suggested that I make a series of cones into the shape I needed, but it just didn’t turn out that way, lol.  I ended up making a cage out of a combination of poster and cardstock, and a bit of 14 gauge wire for stability.  After I made the cage, I covered it in felt, and then wrapped clear packing tape around all of that, because I wasn’t sure if the felt would absorb any of the products I was going to use.

I looked up how to make drill curls, and started with that end of the wig, since the ends of her hair are in a spiral.  After some trial an error, and lots of Googling, I went out to get some clear silicone caulk, and in addition to the caulk, I used Got2B hair gel, as well as some hot glue.  I did the drill curls first, and then glued them to my base, so that I could blend the other wefts in, and make it look as cohesive as possible.  I trimmed the bangs and used the hair gel to keep them out of my face.

You won’t find me trying to enter the Arda Iron Wig contest anytime soon, but I am definitely proud of myself, and it gave me a nice confidence boost for sure!


Who even am I?!

All in all, this costume turned out exactly the way I hoped, and I am SO, SO, SO HAPPY!  There are two things I didn’t get done in time, and that was a pair of earrings, and an umbrella I wanted to modify to look like a giant flower.  I’ll be getting those done after I’ve had a little break.  I’ll also be doing a separate post about the makeup, which I’m still kind of toying with.  I’ll probably keep playing with ideas for the next time I wear this costume.  Thanks for reading, see you soon!! ❤

Flower dress




Cosplay WIP: Card Captor Sakura: Petticoat

Ah, petticoats.  They add shape and volume to costumes, and can look absolutely gorgeous despite the fact that they won’t be seen.  They are also…  A complete pain in the ass to make. 😛

I’ve only made one petticoat in my life (up until this one).  I bought an obscene amount of netting from JoAnn to make one for my Princess Tiana costume (which I will get back to working on ASAP because I’m seriously ready to get done with her and take her out for adventures ❤ ).  It’s like three layers, and gathering all of that fabric was probably one of the most tedious things I’ve ever done.  I’m a little OCD when it comes to certain things.  If I make a costume and use my serger, I like to have thread that somewhat matches, even if you’re not going to see it.  I like colors to match, and so in my mind, my Tiana petticoat is for Tiana, I bought netting that matches the color of the skirt for that costume.  So I felt like I needed to make one for this costume.  THIS petticoat is going to be an “all-purpose” petticoat.  I’m using white cotton fabric, white works with anything, so this petti is meant to be worn under whatever costume I want, in the future.

First off, I am SO GLAD I chose cotton.  Making petticoats is tedious regardless, but using cotton over netting just makes life easier.  When I first decided to make one for this, I decided to try something other than netting.  I did my calculating and was prepared to buy an obscene amount of cotton to make a two layer petticoat.  But then one day, I had a flash.  It hit me that we carry extra wide quilting cotton at work.  And then I went a step further and realized that instead of making a two-layer skirt, I could make one skirt and add ruffles to it.  So I first bought 6 yards of 108″ wide cotton.

My goal with this petticoat isn’t really to have a big poofy skirt, but to obscure my hoop skirt.  I’ve just got a pet peeve about being able to see the outlines of the hoops with ballgowns.  So I felt that doing a ruffled petti would be perfect.  Six yards was ALMOST enough for the whole thing.  I came up just a tad short for two of the ruffles, so I had to buy a little more fabric.  So, I’d estimate that about 8 yards would have been enough, maybe even a tad too much, but I always prefer to have a little more than I need because you just ever know what’s going to happen, lol.

For this adventure, I used Simplicity pattern 5006, view D.  I liked the idea of an elastic waistband, and will also be doing an elastic waistband for the main skirt for this costume.  After adjusting the sizing for my body and getting everything cut out and run through the serger, I started working on the bottom ruffle, which called for six panels.  I reasoned that I could do 6 on the bottom, 5 on the next tier, 4 for the next one, and then 3 for the final ruffle that would be sewn to the yoke.  And when I mentally thought about how to attach the other ruffles, I thought I could add the other two, after putting the rest of the skirt together.  But when I went to work on pinning the next ruffle to the skirt, I figured out that I had a small problem.  Well, small in theory, but fixing it was going to take some work.  I realized that first off, the best way to put the ruffles on, was going to be with the main skirt ungathered.  I don’t know if ungathered is a word, but it is now. 😛  The other thing I realized was that my other ruffles actually needed to have the same number of panels as the very bottom, which was six.  So instead of the ruffles having a count of three,four, five, six, they needed to be three, six, six, and six.  The top ruffle was perfectly fine with three panels.  So I had to take the yoke off, undo the gathering in the skirt, and fix all of that.  I currently have one of the two ruffles done, and sewn on to the skirt, and have one more to put on before I can re-attach the top ruffle and yoke.  I’ve also decided (for good measure) to go back and add an extra ruffle behind the bottom ruffle, which will be made of petticoat netting, just for good measure, and a little extra flare at the bottom.

I have to say, when choosing between making cotton pettis, and netting, cotton is my preference.

Thanks for reading, see ya next time! ❤



Palette Love: BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals Palette

Sorry for the radio silence!  Life’s been a little bit off for me lately, but I’m back now!  A few days ago, I was browsing the BH Cosmetics website, and came across the Blushed Neutrals palette.  I really liked it because most of the colors were rosy, and included some matte shades.  I’ve been feeling like I’m in need of more mattes.  I’ve got lots of shimmery and glittery shadows.  Anyway, I’ve never tried anything from BH, so this is my first experience with them!  This is the box it came in.

BH Blush palette

The palette goes for $13.99 on their website, but I happened to get it during a flash sale for $9.99.  It has 21 shadows, and 5 blush shades, with a combination of shimmer, matte, and satin finishes.  Let’s open this bad boy up!


The larger pans at the bottom are the blush shades.  Off the bat, I can tell you that the lightest shade will probably be used in another way, if I use it.  It’s rather light for a blush on brown skin tones, haha.  In fact, I’m not even sure how well it would show up on lighter skin tones.  But I’m kind of a blush noob, anyway.  The fourth blush shade is shimmery, all of the others appear to be matte.  It’s kind of scented, but not really.  It doesn’t have any particular scent when you open it up, but when I put my nose up to it, there seems to be some kind of maybe a flowery aroma.  Let’s get on to the swatches!

All of these swatched pretty well, and the ones that seemed a little bit light, built up nicely.  I forgot to add that I don’t have any primer on my arm, so the pigmentation for these is pretty darn good.  There also doesn’t seem to be much fallout with any of the shades, and I didn’t feel that any of them were chalky.  They had a very soft feel.  I’m excited to use this on my eyes, and figure out new looks!  Until next time! ❤

Cosplay Life: #28DaysofBlackCosplay

I thought about whether or not I’d include a section on this blog for my general ramblings, and I decided that I would. 🙂  You’ll see posts ranging from what games I’m playing, to maybe just something that popped into my head and I decided to write about it for a spell.

So, if you’re a fan of cosplay and have been on Facebook and Instagram (maybe other social media too), there’s a hashtag going around this month called #28DaysofBlackCosplay.  As it is known, February is Black History Month, and a few years ago, a cosplayer that goes by the moniker of Princess Mentality Cosplay decided that it would be awesome to shine the light on POC cosplayers in the community.  As awesome as this is, there is always some confusion as to the intent of this movement.  It seems like every year, there are people out there that get offended and sound off about it not being fair, and why can’t there be a 28 days of <insert ethnicity> cosplay movement.  First off, if someone out there wants to start a hashtag of a similar nature at some time of the year, I’m certain they are more than welcome to.  Just make sure it’s for a good reason, and not to be spiteful.  But people need to stop and think about this from another perspective, and that’s what gets overlooked.  It’s not about making black cosplayers “more important” than anyone else, it’s about shining the spotlight on a demographic within the cosplay community that doesn’t get the same amount of love, respect, and recognition as other cosplayers out there.

Black cosplayers face a lot of ridicule.  We’re told “<insert non-black character> isn’t black,” or called “the black version of <insert character>, that we “can’t”/shouldn’t cosplay outside of our race, or the character’s name is twisted to include some stereotype about black people, like this:



Let’s look at this meme for a moment.  Here we have a black male cosplayer dressed as a pretty good Link from Legend of Zelda.  Not only is he “Black Link,” but he’s out to get his “hoe” back and “cap” someone.  Why can’t he just be Link?  Why did Zelda become a “hoe” in association to the person cosplaying Link being black?   I want to make sure it’s known that I’m not “offended.”  I just want to take a moment to ask some questions that a lot of people might not stop to think about.  That being said, I’m sure that there are other POC cosplayers in the community that deal with this sort of thing as well, and I’m not trying to act like black cosplayers are the ONLY ones who face some of these problems, it’s everywhere.  There was an awesome female cosplayer that did Disney princess characters with her Hijab that faced a lot of trolls, so no one is really immune to this kind of thing.  This hashtag is meant to bring awareness, and shine the spotlight on black cosplayers as a whole because we are just as much a part of this community as much as anyone else.  And you don’t have to be black to participate in this celebration either.  If you aren’t black, but follow some awesome black cosplayers, or you’re a photographer with photos of black cosplayers, you can participate and join in on the fun.  Like Black History Month serves as a celebration of the impact black people have had on history and society as a whole, this movement serves as a celebration of the talent and creativity that black cosplayers have, as well as a reminder that no matter who you are or what you look like, you can cosplay like anyone else.  It’s ironic that in a community that the outside world might look at as “weird,” that there is so much judgment within it aimed at each other.

I never realized how much fun I would have joining in on this.  Because last year was a leap year, the hashtag was #29DaysofBlackCosplay.  And as the month went on, I found more and more that I was really getting into sharing these other cosplayers, the importance behind it, and just how much fun it is in general.  I feel like I’m an emcee for a very creative, kick ass fashion show, and I love it!  It gave me new cosplayers to follow, and I realized that I’m part of this too, because I’m a black cosplayer.  The thing is, that in a perfect world, none of this would be needed if everyone were looked at as equals.  Sadly, that’s just not the way the world is, and that’s why things like this are important.  It’s important to see more than just the same faces, it’s important to broaden our horizons, and our scope of vision. And while I have no intention of getting political in this post, given what we’ve all been seeing in the news as a whole, it makes things like this extra important.  We need more togetherness, positivity, and support of one another.  I’m going to show a few examples of the awesomeness I’m talking about.


Princess Mentality Cosplay as Akasha (Queen of the Damned) Photo by Hell or High Water Photography


Shawshank Cosplay and Props Making as Black Panther, photographer unknown (but I will update this caption as soon as I find the photographer)


Mahogany Cosplay as Effie Trinket (Hunger Games), photographer unknown (will update)

If you’d like to see more of this awesomeness, click on the hashtag the next time you see it somewhere.  I’m participating again this year, so you can check out my Facebook page as well, as I will be sharing at least one (sometimes more) cosplayer a day, and you can check out my personal work on there, and other sections on this blog.

Talent, creativity, and love for geeky things isn’t reserved for only certain types of people, it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to be a part of it.  If you read my About Me on the front page of this blog.  I started doing this just because I thought it would be fun to do, and that’s what we ALL do.  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!!

Palette Love: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette with Swatches & Look

Probably the most anticipated makeup release for 2016 was the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow palette.  This palette was released two different times, due to the high demand.  I managed to get one the first time around, and to say I was excited is probably an understatement.  I’m pretty sure I was quite the spectacle at Ulta, hahaha. I love peachy colors, and actual peaches are one of my favorite fruits, so when I heard about this palette, I was VERY intrigued.  Ulta had a test palette out, and after swatching some of the shadows, I was sold, particularly because of the colors Bellini and Just Peachy.  I mean, this palette is just L-O-V-E.


I also LOVED that this palette was scented like peaches, but it’s not a natural peach scent.  It’s more like a candied peach scent, but not overpowering (unless you just happen to have a sensitive sniffer).  The one con I will say for this palette is that I felt like the lighter shades (White Peach, Peaches & Cream, and Georgia) do not how up very well on me.  And again, it could be the formula, or it could just be that these shades are not as noticeable on brown skin tones.  It doesn’t stop me from using them, but I don’t use them as much as the other shades. Here are the swatches, which I did by columns, instead of by rows.


All of the metallic shades in this palette are gorgeous, I love them.  The one green shade, Bless Her Heart, is one of my favorites.  It’s interesting though, because it can almost take on a greenish-gold color under different light settings.  My favorite transition shades are Puree, and Summer Yum.  Charmed, I’m Sure is another good transition color, but I usually go for Puree or Summer Yum when I use this palette.  Now, let’s get into the look I decided to do with this peachy beauty!

Today, I decided to do a peach halo eye.  I do a lot of halo looks, it’s probably my favorite style.  I’m going to do something a little different today, and give a picture tutorial.  🙂  First off, here are all of the colors I used: Puree (blue box), Candied Peach (yellow box), Just Peachy (green box), Nectar (pink box)



Sometimes I do my face makeup before my eye makeup, and sometimes after.  Today, I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way.



I look a lot more awake after makeup, lulz.

Next, I primed my eyes, and took Puree into my crease with my Elf crease brush.  Then I blended it out with the Elf blending brush.


Next, I took Candied Peach into my crease as well, and blended it out, using the same brushes I just mentioned.

Moving on to my lids, I dipped into Just Peachy, which is  GORGEOUS metallic, and used a flat lid brush to put that on the inner and outer parts of my lid.  After that, I took the shade Nectar into the center of my lid.  I went back with the blending brush and gently blended the crease and my lid to get rid of any harsh lines.  UGH, IT’S SO PRETTY!! ❤


After that, I lined my lower lash line with Just Peachy and Nectar, to make it match my lid.  Then I did my winged liner using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, and then I lined my water line with my NYC City Proof 24 Hour eyeliner pencil.



For lashes, I used these eBay roulette lashes from Japan.  I LOVE these lashes.  I bought one pack to see if I liked them, and when I found out that I did, I ordered more.  They have an invisible lash band, and it’s awesome.


Finally, on my lips I used this L.A. Girl Lip Paint in the shade Tango.  


Annnnnd, this is the finished look!


“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

There we go, a nice, peachy, shimmery look!  This palette is like the love of my life, I swear.  And I squealed uncontrollably when I found out that Too Faced was going to make this permanent like their other large palettes!!  Hope you all enjoyed this look, I’ll see you soon!! ❤