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New Makeup! The Atlantis Palette from Hush (Full First Impression Review)

Alright, let’s have a little talk about Hush, hehe.  If you’ve never heard of it, Hush is a makeup site that has TONS of products, that are pretty reasonably priced.  There’s just one issue that some people have with them:  Some of their palettes are knock offs of other big name palettes.  The palettes are made by different “brands,” and while they change the packaging, and perhaps the color placement in the palettes, it doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s a knock off.  I’ve seen palettes that were CLEARLY Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes (like Subculture, Modern Renaissance, and the Soft Glam), and one that had packaging like a Too Faced palette, and one that I believe was a Huda Beauty knock off.  I’ve watched some reviews, and the palettes can be hit or miss.  Some can be just as good as the originals, some might be horrible, and some might be good but fall short.  The site does also carry some name brands, such as Nyx.  I don’t know if the supposed “brands” that make the palettes are actual brands, or if they’re just random names to make it appear like different brands made them.

I want to get into a little bit of backstory behind this palette, in case there are people reading this who missed the drama.  Back in April, Tarte Cosmetics released a photo of a new palette called the “Icy Betch,” that featured a COMPLETE 360 from what they normally do (which is make lots of neutral palettes, much like Too Faced), in blues and greens.  It looked like this:


People were SO excited…  But there was one problem.


That’s right.  The photo was posted on April 1st, April Fool’s Day.  Tarte thought they were being cute, but LOTS of people were NOT having it.  And it seems like ever since then, their name is been “Mud” for one thing after another.  People really wanted to see this palette because it was so different.  So a few months later, I believe it was Trend Mood on Instagram, shared a photo of an upcoming palette on the Hush website that looked MYSTERIOUSLY like Tarte’s “Icy Betch.”  So here’s where it gets interesting.  There’s controversy in buying blatant knock-off products, and understandably so.  Companies come out with products only to have some other company make a cheaper quality copy of their expensive product.  In a way, it’s helpful for people who might not be able to afford the original, but it’s a knock off product that may be sub-par in  quality.  But the interesting thing about this palette, is that it’s “original” doesn’t actually exist.  So can you call it a knock off if there is no original?  Tarte came up with the joke, but Hush/Face Candy made it real.  I was intrigued, so I bought it.

Now obviously with no actual palette from Tarte, I can’t compare the palettes and tell you what’s better.  But I can tell you my thoughts about THIS palette.  So, the first thing to note is that I had to download the Hush app to my phone to purchase this palette.  I’m not sure why, but there are certain palettes you can buy from the website, and some you can only purchase if you have the app on your phone.  The palette was $14, and shipping was free  (I don’t know if there is a charge for international shipping).  It came well packaged, and when I unboxed the palette, I noticed that the packaging felt really nice.  It’s a cardboard palette, but good quality, and the Face Candy name, as well as the “Atlantis” name are embossed into the cardboard, so it has some texture.  When you open it up, it has a nice sized mirror, and there’s a sheet of plastic over the shadows for protection.  Aside from some of the colors being switched, and some look a tad off from the ones in the Tarte photo, it looked pretty much like the Icy Betch, and it’s super pretty!  There are 7 matte shades, and 5 metallics, my absolute favorite is the shade “Tsunami,” which has a duochrome purple-blue shift.

I swatched all of these on my arm without any primer, and the color payoff was pretty legit.  Some of the mattes felt slightly dry, but most of the shades in general felt very smooth.

Atl swatch

Blue isn’t a color I wear a lot of on my face, which is another reason I wanted this, so I looked up something I could do, and found a look that had similar colors to the palette.  I didn’t do a picture tutorial because I’d misplaced my phone at the time, but I can tell you which colors I used.  And the colors I used were pretty much the entire bottom row of the palette.  I set my eye primer with my Too Faced Sweet Peach, using “Peaches n’ Cream” all over my lid, and then I used the shade “Puree” in my crease.  Then I switched to the Atlantis palette for the rest of the look.

Inner Corner: “Tidal”

Inner Lid: “Swell”

Middle of Lid: “Vanished”

Outer corner: “Empire”

The colors I used went on GREAT with a brush.  The color payoff was just as strong as the swatches I’d done earlier.  I didn’t feel like I needed to use a lot, and though I didn’t really have fallout, I did notice some slight color transfer to my lower lash line when I’d closed my eyes for something, so that’s something to be careful of.  I also found out that it’s a good idea to use the shade “Empire” FIRST, because I went a little too high with that color on my outer corner and tried to blend it, and it turned into kind of a mess, so I had to start over.  So I suggest using that color first.  When I re-did my makeup, it was pretty smooth sailing after that.

So here are my final thoughts as a first impression:

Is this a good palette?  So far, I’d say yes, but it might not hurt to use some translucent powder under your eyes before applying the shadows, just to play it safe.

Is it worth buying?  Yeah, I think so.  The packaging is nice, the colors had pretty good pigmentation, and overall, I don’t feel like it let me down.  And as I write this, I’ve currently had the makeup on now for a few hours, and it looks perfectly fine.  There also wasn’t any staining when I removed the shadows from my arm or my eye, but you might need to wipe a couple of times to remove it all.  But once it is removed, there’s no staining.

Who knows, maybe Tarte will make a REAL “Icy Betch” palette, someday.  Though even if they do, they’ll have to do a lot to convince people it’s not another prank.  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! ❤


Changing Up How I Buy Makeup

Hey everyone!  I’m SO SORRY it’s been a hot minute since I posted in this section of my blog, but I’m going to be active again!  I thought that today, I’d talk about a change I’ve had in how I look at buying makeup.  Recently, I’ve watched some videos on YouTube about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and anti-consumerism, and what it’s helped me do is start to calm down on spending to take a look at what I’m buying.  There is SO MUCH stuff on the market, with new things coming out left and right, and unless I suddenly became independently wealthy, there’s no way I can keep up, lol.  But aside from that, it’s also looking at WHAT I’m buying.  For example, I’ve got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Sweet Peach, and the BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals palette, so I’m set for the time being on neutral palettes.

So what I’m going to be focusing on for a while, is trying to use up some of the stuff I already have.  Does that mean I won’t buy anything new?  Not at all!  I’m just taking a step back because it’s so easy to forget about the stuff you already have because something new and shiny came out (and we all know how much I love shiny things, lol).  But this also means that I can use what I have, and work on creating looks, and I am definitely all for upping my makeup game, and opening up my mind to trying new looks on myself.  Also, I’ve got a convention coming up toward the end of next month, and I will definitely be testing out potential makeup looks for the cosplay I’m working on. As much as I wish I could have it all, I know that I can’t, and it’s okay because I’ve got a lot of awesome stuff right now. 😀

So I just wanted to update on what’s been going on with me.  If you follow the cosplay part of my blog, stay tuned because I’ll be updating the progress of my Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay, as I go along, and I’ll be updating the makeup section with makeup looks.  You can also check out my Instagram, for updates as well.  Also, I now have a Link Tree in my Instagram bio that now makes it easier for you to come to my blog from IG, if you follow me on there.  I’ll be back soon, thanks for reading! ❤



Anti-Haul: Things I will NOT be Purchasing

Hey everyone!  I thought I’d try out one of these anti-haul things, and talk about some stuff I will NOT be purchasing!  I’ve seen a lot of these on YouTube, and think they’re kinda fun, so I decided to give it a go!  I just want to say that in no way, shape, or form am I throwing shade at anything I mention, these are simply things that for whatever reason do not appeal to me.  I could change my mind, but right now, this is how I feel about these particular things.  Some of these things are specific, and some things might be entire brands.

The first thing I will not be purchasing is the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette.  The reason I won’t be purchasing this is because as much as I love the idea and I was waiting for them to do one, I feel like this would be hard for me to make looks with.  I love that it’s pastel, but the more I looked at it, the more uncertain I was about how complimentary these colors would be on me, and making looks in general.  Even people with lighter skin tones seem to have had problems with being able to create looks with this palette, which was one of the things that caused me to change my mind on this one. The green shade in this palette, while pretty, looks out of place to me as well.  I’ve been wanting some nice pastel shades, but this one’s not going to do it for me.


The next thing I will not be purchasing is the Too Faced Unicorn Tears palette.  You guys know…  You KNOW I love me some unicorns, things that are kawaii, and girly, and holographic and magical. The trend seems to be dying down but I’m still going to love and live for everything about it because I’ve never really cared about keeping up with trends, and I just like what I like. ❤  But this palette, while the packaging is cute, just isn’t doing it for me.  At first when people kept saying that this looked like kids makeup, I was kind of like “eh, let people enjoy things.”  And I still feel that way, but the palette itself in the collection is not doing a lot for me.  I could change my mind if I see swatches, or if I get to swatch it myself, but I have to agree that TF was kind of late to jump on the bandwagon for this.  I feel like the packaging could have been done differently to still be cute but not “cutesy,” if that makes any sense.  Like a nice blend of the cute Parisian style that a lot of their previous packaging has, and the unicorn/holo aesthetic.  The colors for this seem okay enough but I don’t know, something about it is just leaving me feeling like they could have done better.  That being said, there are other things in the collection that I am interested in, like some of the lip colors, and possibly the highlighters, but the palette is for the most part a no-go for this gal.


One more Too Faced thing to add to this little list is the White Peach eyesahdow palette.  I REALLY wanted to be excited about this because I adore the original Sweet Peach palette, and I want to buy the first Just Peachy Mattes palette.  The colors in this are pretty, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I have trouble figuring out how to use really pale shades like these.  There are some shimmery ones in there that would probably be fine, and there are a couple darker shades in the palette, but if I’m going to chose between this palette and the Just Peachy Mattes, I’m going for the latter.  I originally didn’t want to get the Just Peachy either because I felt like the Sweet Peach was enough, and I was worried about the colors being too similar.  But I’ve since looked at that one again and I can see that the shades in that one are actually very different.  So I’m passing on the White Peach, but I do hope to get my hands on the Just Peachy Mattes. Honestly, aside from the Unicorn stuff, I’m probably going to cool off from Too Faced for a bit because I think they have just been doing too much.  They need to like slow down and take some time to find themselves or something.

TF WP Palette

Next up, I will not be purchasing the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne eyeshadow palette.  I’m not interested in this because I’ve seen pictures of the palette, and it simply doesn’t appeal to my eye.  The colors look pretty, and I love Urban Decay.  No shade to Kristen Leanne because I’ve never even heard of her, so this isn’t about anything that has to do with her because I don’t know anything about her.  The setup for this doesn’t make any sense to me.  It’s a bunch of random shapes kind of haphazardly scattered about, and it just confuses me to look at.  It’s like someone was looking at one of those little shape learning toys for children and decided to turn it into a palette.  I think the Heavy Metals palette has some similar shades, so if I were to purchase one of these, it’d be the Heavy Metals.

UDxKL palette

But why, tho?


Alright, I debated even mentioning this next one, but I’m going to go ahead and do it.  I will more than likely never be purchasing anything by Jeffree Star.  The only way I will ever end up with anything by him is if it was given as a gift, and a lot of people I know do not support him, so that’s probably not likely to happen.  I have no animosity or hatred toward him, and I am fully aware that he has put out videos to address his past behavior.  I watched those videos, and I personally just didn’t feel that he said everything he could have said.  The other reason is because he honestly just comes across as a very problematic person you would have to tread on eggshells around. And even though I’ll never meet him in person, he’s been shown to lash out at even his own fans on social media for one thing or another, and that’s not the way to treat people when you’re the face of your own brand and want people to buy your products.  I’m not talking about being fake, I’m talking about being professional and handling criticism or whatever other issues in a professional way.  I felt like I should include him in case anyone ever suggests a product of his for me to try.  There is no shade whatsoever, I just personally don’t care for the way he conducts himself.

That’s all I can think of for now, and since this is my first time doing one of these, I think I’ll leave it at these products.  Is there anything you’re not buying in 2018?  Feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time! ❤

*All images came from Google*

**UPDATE!**  I just thought of one more thing I will NOT be purchasing, and that is the BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette.  I don’t know WHO came up with the color spectrum for this but…  Jesus.  Alright, we need to talk about the color for Ares.  Ares was the god of war, the god of fire…  Why is the color for that sign, BLUE???  Before I get too technical, the palette itself is not ugly, and the colors are fine.  But this needs to be named something else entirely.  I’m not all that into astrological signs, but even I can tell this whole thing is wrong.

BH Zodiac

Okay, I’m done this time, lol.  I did go back and add a few thoughts to some of the other products I mentioned above, but I’ll just have to wait until my next anti-haul to talk about anything else I’m not purchasing.  Thanks again for reading! ❤

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette: First Impressions and Look Overview

Happy New Year, everyone!  Sorry it’s been a little bit since I updated!  I got a lot of awesome things for Christmas, and one of those things (which I purchased with some Christmas money) was the Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette!  I was really interested in this palette as well as the White Chocolate, but I have since changed my mind about the latter.  Maybe I’ll do like an anti-haul post next or something, I don’t know.  Anyway, I got the palette on another outing to Ulta, and I was super excited to get it!  My friend Jess got one for Christmas, and I got to swatch hers first to see how I’d like it, and I was sold.

For the most part, I want to say that Too Faced knocked it out of the park with this palette.  There were only a couple of shades I was slightly disappointed in.  And those were the shades Money Bags and New Money.  New Money seems like it’s a sheer color, so perhaps that was intentional.  I’m not good at judging formula consistency, so maybe it’s supposed to be a sheer color.  I used that one in the makeup look I’m going to talk about in a bit and it picked up nicely on my brush, and I did have to build it up, and it built up nicely.  Money Bags also seemed like it should have been more pigmented, but I know that a finger swatch versus packing a color on to the eye can have different results, so we’ll see what happens whenever I use that shade in an eye look.  I only did swatches of the actual metallic shades, but I did also swatch Decadent, which surprised the hell out of me in how dark it really was.  I didn’t swatch the other ones because they’re kind of just general neutrals, and this palette is all about those metallics!  I did use Cocoa Truffle and Rollin’ in Dough in my makeup look, and they performed very well.  They remind me of two colors in the original Chocolate Bar, but I haven’t put them side by side yet to compare.  My absolute favorite shade in this palette is Chocolate Gold.    THis color just slapped me in the face with pigmentation.  I don’t know what formula was used for these shades, but they need to keep using it.  I also really like that the mirror in this palette is bigger than the ones in the others like the Sweet Peach and the other Chocolate Bars, I hope that’s something they continue to do as well with future large palettes.  I don’t normally use the mirrors that come in palettes, but I did use this one, and I liked that it was bigger and not taken up by the name of the palette being in there like the others (and like we don’t already know what palette we’re using anyway).  Here are the swatches!

The look I did with this is really simple (like most of my looks).  I think something I want to do this year it try to up my game a little bit and try different stuff as far as eye looks go.  This isn’t a picture tutorial because I had no idea what I was going to do, but I can tell you what colors I used and how I used them.

Chocolate Gold Bar 3

I primed my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and topped that with a Nyx primer base.  Then I went in with Rollin’ in Dough to set it.  Recently I’ve been trying to learn how to use these pale shades because I honestly don’t know what to do with them.  I believe they can be used for highlighting the brow bone, but that isn’t something I do very often, so aside from that I just never knew what to do with them.  But I’ve watched some videos, and I’ve seen people use them to set their eye shadow primer, so that’s what I’m going to start using them for.

Next, I used Cocoa Truffle in my crease.  Okay, I have to tell you guys, one of the other things I got when I went to Ulta, was one of the Morphe brushes.  I’ve never used or owned anything by Morphe, but this brush is seriously now my most favorite thing.  It’s the M441 Blending Brush, and ERMAGERD!!  I don’t know if it was the brush, or maybe my technique as improved (I have been trying to be more precise with application and whatnot), but this brush did the damn thang.  It blended like none of my other brushes.  I still love my other brushes, but this one had me shook and now I want to try more of Morphe’s brushes!

Moving on from that, I took some of  Gold Dipped and patted it on to my lid.  This one was interesting because I felt like I couldn’t tell if my brush had picked up enough of the color, but then when I put it on my lid, it was DEFINITELY there.  Next, I went in with New Money  on the outer part of my lid, and blended it in to Gold Dipped, which created a nice slight ombre.  If you want to use three colors, I feel like using a little bit of Famous in between could work.  I also used both New Money and Gold Dipped on my lower lash line.

After I did my liner, which I was QUITE proud of myself for how sharp that wing came out,  I mean I could cut somebody with that thing, LULZ, I used, I think it was Rich Girl  in my inner corner.  The mascara I used was the Better than Sex mascara, and the color on my lips is one of the Too Faced Melted Metal lip colors in Metallic Violet.  I was going to put on lashes, but the ones I wanted to use didn’t want to cooperate, so rather than ending up setting them on fire, I decided to skip them.  😀

Overall, I adore this palette, and I am so glad I got it, and can’t wait to make lots of shimmery looks!  Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon! ❤

** Update!  I’ve tried applying the pink and green shades with a finger, and they actually show up quite pigmented that way.  I’m not one for applying eye makeup this way, but if you like to apply shimmery shades with your fingers, these show up quite well using that method. 😀  I tried this out after watching PopLuxe’s video on this palette, and he tried one of the shades with his finger.  So there you go! 😀 **

New Makeup: Too Faced Sugar Plum Fun Collection!!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay on this, been having come laptop issues!  Anyway, let’s get into it!

My dad came by to see me recently, and dropped off  something that one of my aunts gave him to pass along.  I was surprised to see that it was a makeup set!!  I got SO excited, you all know I love me some Too Faced!  I’d never heard of this collection and hadn’t seen it anywhere, so I had to do some googling.

The set is an HSN-exclusive, and retails for $60 on their website.    Though when I looked up information about this set, an article I read said it was supposed to be $49, so I don’t know what the deal with that is.  It comes with a full sized tube of their 24+ Hour Shadow Insurance, the Better than Sex mascara, and a neutral shade of La Creme lipstick in a shade called Sugar Plum, and an eyeshadow palette featuring 16 shades.  I love the packaging with this, it’s so girly and sweet!  My one little comment is that I’m not feeling the black tube for the lipstick.  It just throws the overall aesthetic of the collection off.  It would have looked nicer to have a gold tube, or some other corresponding color within the same color scheme.  I have played with the La Creme lipsticks in the past at Ulta (and still need to get some of the ones I liked), but I have never used their Better than Sex mascara, nor their shadow primer, so I can’t wait to try them!  Here’s what it looks like!

Sugar Plum Set

Let’s go ahead and go all out on this post.  I’m going to give you swatches of the color, and a look that I did with the palette!  First, the palette and swatches!

Two of the shades did not show up well on me.  It wasn’t a lack of pigmentation so much as they just seemed to blend in with my skin tone.  I think on lighter or darker skin tones they might show up better.  My two favorite colors in the palette are Sparkly Wings, and Drummer Girl. Both are shimmery pink shades and I just fell in love with them!  And, here is the lipstick (also the mirror in the palette):

I don’t normally use the mirror in my palettes just because I prefer to use the magnified side of my hand mirror, but this one was so cute!  I felt like I’d be even more magical if I used it while I did my makeup, lol.  I don’t know, don’t ask me, I just think weird stuff sometimes…

And now, here is the look I did!  I’m just going to get into describing it because I was feeling a little lazy and didn’t do a photo tutorial (I’m sorry!).  I want to go ahead and say that the shades I used out of this palette showed up very nicely as far as pigmentation, and I didn’t really have problems with fallout in the shades I used  However, the shimmery shade I used did kind of transfer to my lower lash line a little bit, but I didn’t really mind it because I just ended up using the same colors on my lower lash line.

So, highlighted below are the colors I used.  I sort of went all around the palette, or I tried to.

SP Look 1

  • First, I used Tip Toe as a transition shade in my crease.
  • Then I went in with Midnight Soiree on my outer corner and blended it out
  • Next, I took the shade Ballerinas on the rest of my lid, and went over it with Drummer Girl
  • And finally, I put Magic Touch  in my inner corner.

Drummer girl was a little eh  when I tried it dry, but I wet my brush a little bit and dear God, it came THROUGH. ❤ It really is a very sheer shade of pink.  I did my wing, and brows, and then went in with the Better than Sex mascara, which is pretty nice! Oh, another thing to note about this palette is that it’s not scented, which I was kind of surprised by, especially since the lipstick is scented.

After I was done with my eyes, I went into my ABH Aurora, and played with Eclipse for my highlight, which I still can’t tell if I’m getting it right or not, lol.  For lips, I actually went and used the NYC liner that I tend to use on my brows and lined my lips.  Then I took the lipstick from the collection and put that on, and made a nice gradient look.  I am actually starting to get used to seeing myself with bold colored lips, so a toned down neutral kind of threw me for a loop, hahaha!  None the less, I loved it!  Here’s the end result!

The lipstick on its own felt a little too nude for my liking, but lining my lips definitely helped with that.  Thanks for reading, see you next time! ❤

Makeup: Unicorn Dreams

I did this look back around Halloween, using my Karity Unicorn Dreams palette.  We had a small party at my house, and my boyfriend’s sister got me a super cute unicorn onesie that I decided to wear.  One does not simply wear a unicorn onesie and not rock some unicorn makeup!

Since having used this palette, I’m personally in love with it.  I really found the shades to be very pigmented and definitely buildable.  I used quite a few shadows from this palette, which I’m going to highlight below. ❤

I started off with Noa as my transition shade in my crease, and then deepened the color with Fairytale.  Next, I took Believer on to my outer corner, and also kind of  dragged it in along the base of my crease to deepen it even more.  After that, I went in with Skye on the rest of my lid, and  layered Mystical (sorry, looks like my light obscured the name in the photo) on top of that.  Finally, I put some of  Spark in my inner corner.

After I did my wing for my eyes, I took the Nyx Liquid Crystal Body Liner in Crystal Hip,  and added that along the wing.  I couldn’t get a good photo of it because it was kind of late in the day, and my bathroom has weird lighting because my bf is a vampire (he’s not a fan of bright lights), and the trees in my back yard, but I did use my ABH Aurora on my cheeks a little bit.  I used a little of the color Eclipse on my cheeks.  I’m not used to using a highlighter yet, so it’s going to be a bit before I get comfortable enough to go ham, lol.  On my lips, I used the Nyx Liquid Suede in Amethyst, and also put some of Lunfrom my ABH Aurora on my bottom lip.

I felt magical AF and got lots of compliments on both my makeup and mah onesie, lulz.  I did not choose the kawaii life, the kawaii life chose me. ❤  Thanks for reading, everyone!  I’ll see you next time! 😀


As I previously posted, I went to Ulta the other day and I had myself a good ol’ time.  I spent a lot of time in the Urban Decay section.  Now these are things that are currently out and aren’t entirely big news, but because I’ve been living under a financial rock for a while, I’m finally getting out to play so they are new-ish to me because while I’ve seen them, I’ve never tried them.  🙂  I also don’t always like to call things a “haul,” because to me that suggests that you bought a TON of stuff, and I KNOW I don’t have money like that, so maybe we’ll call this my Makeup Wishlist or something.

First up is the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette.  Now there has been some disturbance in the beauty world about this palette.  I watched videos online where people weren’t sure, some loved this palette, some didn’t, people just seemed really divided.  When I first saw that this would be released I was excited, but unsure because I do have both the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach palettes, so I have neutrals.  So I had to ask myself if I wanted more.  I’ve actually cooled off from Too Faced just a bit for the time being because as much as I love them, they do a lot of neutral palettes, and I don’t need 50 of them, lol. But I swatched the Heat palette and I was straight up SHOOK.  The metallics in this palette will slap you in the face with intensity, and up close, I realized that these really were warm neutrals, versus the more tame neutrals that Too Faced has in their palettes.  I feel like I can buy the Naked Heat and know I’ve got something different from what I already own.

The next thing I played with worth mentioning is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal palette.  This one is fun.  It’s got pretty jewel tones on one side, and shimmery neutrals on the other.  The girl that helped my friend and I out while we were there, showed us that you can also layer the Moondust shadows over top and I just about fell out in the store, lol.  I’ve also been wanting some of the Moondust singles and the palette, so hopefully I can get the palette before it disappears.  On its own, it’s pretty but not entirely eye-catching, but my eyes were opened to new possibilities of being sparkly AF, and my desire to get the Moondust palette as well, has been re-ignited, too.

I also played with most of the Urban Decay Heavy Metals glitter liners.  OH.  MY.  GOD.  Did I tell you I was probably a magpie in another life?  I probably was.  I love sparkle.  I love glitter.  These were SO incredibly pretty, and I must have all their sparkly goodness!!  There were also some shimmery Vice lipsticks that I’m going to need in my life.

The last thing I played with was the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, and actually also the Morphe Fall into Frost palette.  I’ve never tried anything by Morphe before, and I kept seeing the Jaclyn palette on Instagram.  The shades that drew my eye were in the bottom left corner, the purples and blues.  I wasn’t sure if I’d want a palette for like 5 colors, but this bad boy…  Sweet Jesus.  I didn’t understand the hype Morphe at all… UNTIL THEN.  The colors were INCREDIBLY pigmented, and I got the Fall into Frost palette for my friend that I was there with, which was equally as pretty, and I have already informed her that Imma need to borrow that one at some point.  If you’re not familiar with the Fall Into Frost Palette, you can check out what it looks like, here.

Will I actually get all of this stuff?  Well it might take me a little while because that’s a LOT of makeup that isn’t cheap, lulz.  But I’m going to do my best to get some of these beauties.  And when I do, you’ll be sure to see me use them at some point! Thanks for reading, see you next time! ❤