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Moon Prism Power: My Sailor Moon Jewelry Collection

Sailor Moon is probably my number one favorite anime series.  I discovered it when I was either 12 or 13, and I had no idea what I was watching.  There was a talking cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, and it sounded like an English nanny while talking about a Moon Princess.  I watched it throughout high school when it would air on Toonami (memba that??), and I’ve just loved it.  They brought the series back in 2014 (called Sailor Moon Crystal), and with it came lots of new merchandise, which made me pretty excited. bd8m3_f-thumbnail-100-0

Now that the series is back on the scene, I’ve been doing my best to build a collection of wearables and collectibles.  I love incorporating them into every day wear.  My jewelry collection is small at the moment, but it’s growing, so let’s take a look at my current pieces.  These are what I currently own.


Silhouette Earrings


I got these from a seller on Etsy by the name of Foxy Funk Designs.  I really wanted some holographic silhouette earrings but I think all of the ones I found were overseas, and I was impatient.  So I went with my second choice of pink, and I will probably still end up getting holographic ones at some point.  These earrings are a nice size, neither too big or too little.  The cutting looks pretty precise, too.  You can find Foxy Funk Designs here.

Sailor Neptune Transformation Wand Necklace & Communicator Bracelet

My favorite sailor scout is Sailor Neptune.  She’s classy, casual, musical, and rather sophisticated.  Teal is also one of my favorite colors.  Both of these came from a site called Kuma Crafts, you can visit them here.  My friend Allison introduced me to them, and she also gave me the communicator bracelet.  I bought the transformation wand as a birthday gift to myself, last year.  I love their jewelry, it’s so whimsical.  I’m not sure that the bracelet is intended to be associated with Sailor Neptune, but I chose it because the color seemed to fit.  The jewelry is very well made, and sparkly.  There are necklaces for the other scouts wands, as well as Sailor Moon’s.  If you’re a fan of the series like I am, I’m sure you’ll realize how much trouble your wallet is about to be in…  I apologize.

Fairy Kitty Necklace


This is another piece by Kuma Crafts, and I love it SO MUCH.  It’s not specifically Sailor Moon related, but let’s face it, when you see a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, you know who you’re reminded of.  It has a little rhinestone crescent moon on its forehead, and the wings are iridescent.  It’s hard to not feel magical when you have a fairy kitty necklace on.

Moon Wand Necklace


This little cutie came from eBay. I don’t know the specific seller, but I’m sure a search for sailor moon jewelry will turn it up.  It’s made of metal, and wasn’t very expensive.  For the price (which I think was around $5) I was impressed.  This one did come from overseas and took a little bit to get to me, but I was not disappointed.

I have a love for novelty jewelry, and I know that my collection is only going to grow as time goes on.  But I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Sailor Moon things.  My general style interests are all across the board, but I have a love of kawaii jewelry like this, video game inspired pieces (which will be a future blog post), and just everything.  I’ve always had a hard time putting myself into one specific category, anyway.  Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for this post.  I’ll be back soon!